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Rez Dance Spring Production:
Coming Soon

All information for our annual Spring production will be posted here! This is going to be a beautiful production for our Junior and Senior level dancers. Please stay tuned for rehearsal schedules, costume information, and ticket sales!

Tickets go on sale April 1st, 2023

Rehearsal Schedule will be posted here.

Dressing Room Assignments will be posted here.

Photo Schedule will be posted here.

There will be 2 recital dates this year: May 4th and May 5th. Dancers Levels 1 and above will perform in BOTH shows. Dancers in Toddlers and Tutus, Sparkles, Beginning Ballet/Tap Combos and Little Beatz will perform in 1 of the shows, divided up by class. The show on May 4th is Cast A, and the show on May 5th is Cast B. Classes are divided as follows:

Cast A (May 4th Show):

  • Little Beatz A

  • Sparkles A

  • Beginning Ballet/Tap A

  • Toddlers and Tutus B

  • Sparkles B

  • Beginning Ballet/Tap D

  • All Level 1 and higher classes

Cast B (May 5th Show):

  • Toddlers and Tutus C

  • Sparkles C

  • Beginning Ballet/Tap C

  • Sparkles D

  • Beginning Ballet/Tap B

  • Little Beatz B

  • All Level 1 and higher classes

All dancers on Tech Rehearsal and Photo Day, April 30th, need to arrive in costume, with hair and makeup done, 10-15 minutes before their rehearsal time. Check in will be in front of the Picnic Table with Ms. Kendra (Junior Level dancers only). If your child is late, or misses their Tech or photo time, we cannot go back to accommodate. We are trying our best to maximize your time, so please be prompt. Please keep all your dancers belongings with their parents while they wait. If your dancer has multiple classes, you can wait in the Living Room, and change them in the restrooms. Theater 1 on Tech day is only a changing room for Level 1 dancers and above. Further dressing room divisions will be posted above.  

Photos will be taken immediately after their Tech time, and we guarantee group shots, but cannot promise individual photos of dancers. Individuals will be taken if there is time. Dancers should be in and out in around 30 minutes from start to finish for Tech rehearsal.

Your dancer will be brought to the Living Room after their photos are taken by one of our team members, and they will check out your dancers then. If your dancer has more than one class, they will have to stay, but if they are only in 1, they are free to go.

Full Dress Rehearsal will be for Level 1 classes and above ONLY. This allows dancers to fully run through the show with all costume changes and get an understanding of how the show will run. Dress Rehearsal is Monday May 1st at 5pm.

These rehearsals are CLOSED rehearsals which means NO family or friends in the Main Auditorium during rehearsal. This is to allow dancers a chance to practice on stage in a low pressure environment, and to get use to the stage without a large group of people staring at them. Parents can wait in the Living Room.

Check in on Production Day (May 4th) will begin outside Theater 1 at 5:30pm. Dancers need to be in Theater 1 with their classes no later than 6:15pm ready to go. Dancers may change in Theater 1 with their teacher helpers. They need to come with hair in a high slicked back bun, and stage makeup. Parents are not allowed in the dressing rooms. We have staff and volunteers available to helps dancers with all their needs.

Junior Hair Video
Makeup Video
*Please note Junior Level dancers can do less makeup because of their age, this is the required makeup for Senior Level dancers.
Snow Ball Junior Production

The digital download for the Snow Ball Junior Production can be purchased now! The final video will be sent to you via email, and you are able to download it once you get the link and the password.

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