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Registration can be a one time year long registration OR per semester registration for the 2024/2025 dance year. First Semester classes begin August 19th. Second Semester classes begin January 6th.

Tuition is based on dance hours per week. Payments will be made monthly (September to December and January to May). 

15% off for paying the entire dance year in full.

(Cannot be combined with any other discounts. Card payment not accepted)

10% off for two or more dancers from the same household.

(Cannot be combined with any other discounts)

Special adult dancer pricing available.

(See bottom of page)

There will be a Performance Fee of $35 per dancer to cover photography, recorded video of the performance, lighting and other tech fees. Costuming fees will be individual for each costume, per class.

*Prices are subject to an appropriate increase over the next 3-5 years as of 2024.*

If your family is in need of financial assistance, please fill out the Scholarship Application below!

Tuition Breakdown


30 Minutes per Week: $30/month


45 Minutes per Week: $45/month


1 Hour per Week: $60/month


1.25 Hours per Week:



1.5 Hours per Week: $80/month


1.75 Hours per Week: $90/month


2.0 Hours per Week: $100/month


2.25 Hours per Week: $110/month


2.5 Hours per Week: $120/month


2.75 Hours per Week: $130/month


3.0 Hours per Week: $145/month


3.25 Hours per Week: $155/month


3.5 Hours per Week: $165/month


3.75 Hours per Week: $175/month


4+ Hours per Week: $200/month




Dancercise Only $15/month


Pay per class taken: 1 class $30/month



Privates can be full privates or semiprivate.


1- 1 HR Prepaid Private:

$50/Each Lesson


2- 1HR Prepaid Private:

$45/Each Lesson


3- 1HR Prepaid Private:

$42.50/Each Lesson


4+ 1HR Prepaid Private:

$40/Each Lesson

Our Policies


Snow/Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather, you will be notified via email about any class cancellations no later than an hour before the first classes of the evening start. We will always try to make the call with as much time as possible, and earlier if we can, however, you will always have at least an hour heads up to plan accordingly. We will also post on social media. If you find yourself in the situation where you feel unsafe to drive to classes, please stay safe! If you are unable to make it because of where you live or conditions, just email your teacher as you would for any absence. 


In the scenario where weather progressively gets worse throughout the day, we will still send out emails of cancellations with no less than an hour of notification time for you to prepare. As stated before, if you feel unsafe driving, please stay where you are safe and notify your teacher(s) of any absences!


For our morning classes, we will follow any RCS closure. However for afternoon classes we will take into consideration any change in the weather, and current road conditions. If Rez.Church has decided to close the building, no classes can be held.


Living in Colorado, and having as large of a radius of students and teachers that we do, we ask for grace in the decisions we make in regards to cancellations. Safety is our number one priority when it comes to travel, and we factor in many elements before making a decision. 


In the event of class cancellations, students may take a make-up class of a class for the similar age range or style if they chose. Make-up classes are not mandatory, however they are available if desired. If you are unsure of which class to take as a make-up, email or ask your Lead Teacher and they can guide you on their professional opinion.


All information for snow cancellations will be sent via email and posted on social media.

*There will be NO pro-rating of classes due to cancellation because of inclement weather. 


General Attendance

Attendance is taken each class. If your dancer has to miss due to illness or emergency, please let their Lead teacher know as soon as possible. If a dancer can still come and watch, we encourage them to do so.  Attendance in class is required to learn choreography, and dance skills. A dancer will fall behind if too many classes are missed. If a dancer misses 4 classes per semester, it is at the lead teachers discretion on if the dancer is still be able to perform. Dancers also need to be in class the 4 weeks prior to the production, even if it means they need to just watch class. If they are gone more than 4 classes per semester, or miss any of the classes leading up to production, they may not be able to participate in the production. Keep in mind, dancers can still watch class even if they can't physically dance. If they are present and actively watching class, they will be marked as present and it will not be used against them. Any attendance issues please bring to your Lead Teacher, or if it is a special circumstance, please contact the Lead Team.


Low Attendance Classes

In the event there is a low attended class, our Lead Teachers have the right to cancel class if they believe the class will not be productive. Our general rule is if a class has only 2-3 dancers present, the class will be cancelled for the evening. In the event this happens, dancers will have to be picked up early, or wait until their parents can come get them, but the class will not take place. This policy is in place to allow teachers to maximize their time in class, as well as make sure the class is in a place where is can be productive, and learning can take place. Since our teachers do have the right to cancel a class due to low attendance, please make every effort to get your dancer to class if they are healthy enough to be there. Also keep in mind, dancers can still watch class even if they can't physically dance. If they are present and actively watching class, they will be marked as present, and it will not be used against them.


Performing or Non-Performing Dancers

If a dancer choses not to perform in a production, we support the dancer and their parent's decision. If a dancer does not wish to perform in a class(es), they or their parent needs to inform their Lead Teacher(s) and the Lead Team before costumes are ordered. Costumes for both Christmas and Spring productions are ordered by October 1st each year. Please inform all parties prior to this date. If no information is relayed by this date, or after this date, a costume will still be ordered for the dancer for their class(es) and the parent will be responsible for payment and will have to pick up the costume, regardless of utilizing it. 


Photo Rights and Social Media

At each production, event or workshop, Rez Dance will have a photographer, or a teacher taking photos. This is to promote a social media following, as well as to get the name and brand of Rez Dance out into the public. We wish for people to know our mission and heart, and will provide content to do so. All photos taken by our photographer of choice will be subject to be used on social media, our website or any other promotional platform. Once photos or videos are taken, they have become property of Rez Dance to be used as such. No photos or videos will be used in negative or derogatory manners. If you have a strict need to keep your dancer off social media, please inform the Lead Team as soon as possible to protect your child in the way you need.


Dress Code

Classroom dress code is asked to be followed by all dancers. Dress code is unique to the style of dance as well as the age group of the dancer. Each style is listed below with the proper dress code for each class. Recital might require specific colored tights or footwear to be purchased.

Ballet- including Toddlers and Tutus, Sparkles, and Beginning Ballet/Tap Combo classes:

  • Leotard (anything for younger dancers, black for level 1 or older dancers)

  • Tights (anything for younger dancers, pink for level 1 or older dancers)

  • Ballet skirt (anything for younger dancers, black for level 1 or older dancers)

  • Pink Ballet shoes

  • Hair up in ponytail, braids or bun with a bun only required for level 3 or older dancers

  • Boys: black dance pants with a black or white fitted t-shirt, and black ballet shoes

Jazz/Tap- NOT any of the Junior level classes listed above in Ballet:

  • Form fitting shirt or leotard (any color for younger dancers, black for level 3 or older)

  • Black bottoms- dance pants, leggings, or workout pants

  • Black Jazz shoes

  • Black Tap shoes

  • Hair up in ponytail, braids or bun

  • Boys: black dance pants with a black or white fitted t-shirt, and black shoes


  • Black form fitting shirt or leotard

  • Black bottoms- dance pants, leggings, joggers or workout pants

  • Socks or Half Soles (up to teacher discretion)

  • Hair up in ponytail, braids or bun

  • Boys: black dance pants with a black or white fitted t-shirt, and proper shoes (teacher discretion)

Hip Hop:

  • Black shirt, loose is okay.

  • Black bottoms- dance pants, leggings, joggers or sweat pants

  • white Hip Hop only shoes - make sure hip hop shoes are NOT street shoes

  • Hair up in ponytail, braids or bun


  • Leotard (may be dance or gymnastics leotard) or form fitting top

  • Shorts or leggings

  • Hair up in ponytail, braids or bun

  • Tennis shoes or barefoot, no socks/tights.

Any of these items can be purchased at a local dance wear shop, or any online store. For online shopping, we recommend Our online store.  We also recommend Encore Dance Emporium, in Loveland, or Once Upon a Child for local pick up.


Rez Dance Parent/Student Handbook

Please familiarize yourself with our revised Parent/Student Handbook. This Handbook is subject to change year to year, so plese make sure you read it and stay up to date with the evolving information. You may access the Handbook via the link below.

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