“…After my mother died from cancer, I watched helplessly as my oldest daughter struggled with her grief. I was so devastated with the loss of my mom that it was difficult for me to get through the day, much less provide support for her. It was through Rez Dance that I watched my daughter heal and find joy again. It helped the both of us through one of the most challenging years my family has faced….”

– Christine

“…Rez Dance has been an amazing experience for me. Through this ministry I have found a passion of mine and made awesome friends that I’ll have for life. It’s helped me a lot with my confidence and the teachers and other students are always loving and encouraging…”

– Megan

“…Back in 2011, I started going to Rez Dance and found my purpose and niche in a way I never imagined. I was surrounded by people who honestly cared about me and who taught me about dance and being Jesus to others. It’s amazing to feel the freedom to dance the way you were made to, and to gain so many wonderful, true friends – all in the same place!…”

– Kristi

“…Rez Dance was an answer to prayer. God put a need in me to teach, disciple, minister to others, and spread God’s love. We had just started coming to Rez and I saw there was a dance ministry available. I practically started jumping and dancing in excitement over how perfect it was! God met my need through Rez Dance and every year I have seen it fulfilled on an even greater scale. God is SO good!…”

– Dana